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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Some REALLY great scissors..

I went to the Dieppe forum back on March 28th and was introduced to a dude with a bag full of really, friggin' sharp scissors. I checked them out and wasn't really sold as it's tough to judge these things outside of a fly tying environment.. certain materials cut better than others and you can't really tell the quality or functionality until you get a chance to use them for a bit. What I COULD tell about them before using is they are comfortable in your hand, have a nice working weight and the points are fine and needle like for getting in close. They also seemed VERY sharp..

Well this dude turned out to be Mr. Roy B. Jenkins (he's also on FB) and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse - so I brought a pair home. I was skeptical about the straight blades as I'm a curved blade Anvil guy but he said just try them out on everything your normally work on and you'll be surprised. He wasn't kidding, these scissors are so damned sharp and the points so fine that I've cut and poked myself more than once. Stuff my Anvils would bog down on, these babies cruise on through with ease. I've cut deer hide and lots of deer hair so far and they seem just as sharp as the day I brought them home. You can get them in at least 3 configurations that i'm aware of and I'm going to be getting another pair in curved. I'll tell you though, the straight blades do a decent job on bugs so it's going to be a real treat to get a curved set --- and I can't wait!

If you're looking for a pair you can get in touch with Roy by looking him up of FaceBook: Roy B. Jenkins or you can contact him here:
ph: 780-881-9665

 (these bugs were trimmed with Roy's scissors)