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Monday, 16 July 2012

Trip update part 1

Well, it's been a heck of a week (or so) on the rivers. Ended up with 2 crown reserve trips and some quality time spent at the Oxbow in between. UPPER OXBOW ADVENTURES

2260 Rte 420,
E9E 1T3

GPS Coordinates
N 46°57.223'
W 065°51.644'

Mailing Address:
Box 291
Red Bank,NB
E9E 2P2

Phone: 1-888-227-6100
Fax: 1-506-622-7691
Again, I can't say enough about Dale & Debbie and the wonderful staff and guides at the Oxbow. Do yourself a favor and book an adventure - fishing, hunting, canoeing - they do it all!
This trip started out with a ton of planning, packing, tying and anticipation. The story of the summer has been drought and low fish numbers and our trip coincided with the tail end a beautiful raise in all rivers, but would we find fish??

Trip Preparations:

After a dramatic thunder shower on Saturday that threatened to delay my Wife and Son's departure for Winnipeg I was finally on the road.

Outside of Sussex on the old TCH:

After a quick night at the Den I was off to meet the Elsons at the Oxbow.

While there Paul and I were treated to some one on one time with a master spey caster named Walt. He is a Hardy/Airflo guy and he hails from Massachusetts. The few times I got to hang out with Walt I was able to figure out all the things i've been doing wrong -- and trust me, the list is LONG!!
Paul and Walt walking to the 'Home Pool'

After being spoiled at the Oxbow it was time to head to Squirrel Falls Crown reserve

If you've ever wondered what it's like to drive behind a 'Fishinnut' on a dirt road, you've come to the right place! The going joke is that all these fast driving, dirt road loving types have graduated from the Brett Silliker School of Driving -- I think Paul was one of his star pupils!

Random beauty (that stuff was everywhere!)

Finally arrived!

Jeff and Freddy hadn't arrived yet so Paul and I hit the river -- I mean what else are ya gonna do?
There were lots of these fellas around:

An unfinished panorama at the 'Squirrel Falls' Pool:

And that'll just about tie up part 1 ... time to step away from the PC for a bit but be sure to check tomorrow for part 2! Thanks for following my adventures, folks!