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Friday, 28 September 2012

Mr. Tanner, thanks!

What's a good way to kick a case of the "Salmon Blues" besides a successful **moose hunt?  (**a future blog entry - stay tuned!)

Well, I had no clue after the year we've all had on our salmon rivers... of course there are those who say 'keep your fly in the water' and 'once in a hundred years summer/drought' and others still who say 'what right do you have to expressing an opinion because I don't find your experience worthy of my super elite salmon fishing guru standards' ... It's the latter group that I get so sick of listening to .... all people have a right to an opinion and even folks less learned on certain subjects can still make intelligent contributions to a discussion based on other experiences they've had in their lives .... quit judging people, quit shitting on their opinions and quit being such high and mighty pricks .... who are you supposed to be, anyways?

Whoa, where did that come from?

Well, I'm pretty sure it's from residual "Salmon Blues" which I am completely over after such a great few days in the woods chasing moose on the annual 3 day New Brunswick hunt AND because of a very kind gesture from Mr. Gary Tanner who has an absolutely wonderful blog with a recent update from his recent and successful trip to the Miramichi:

I received this in the mail earlier this week and I am completely stoked to get up to the river next weekend to give these babies a go! Of course, my hunter's orange and 870 won't be far from my side! ;-)

Gary, you tie a beautiful fly my friend! Thanks ever so much, I can't wait to swing these --- who knows, maybe that 'Sneaky Orange' will bring me some of the same good luck you had on your trip?!

Beautiful fish! Congratulations, Gary!