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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The 'Bogmonster' Step by Step in pictures...

Here's a quick little step by step of one method to tie a bunny strip winged fly ... unlike the usual strip wing, this one is only tied down at the head which makes for an extra animated presentation -- and it's deadly!

It's important to note that I apply small amounts of head cement after adding each ingredient which makes for a durable fly...

A good bulky underwing helps support the bunny strip and lessen the number of times the strip wraps around your hook -- there's no way to completely avoid it though.


Bunny Strip!

Peacock Herl!

Cheeks (I used ringneck pheasant as I don't have any suitably sized JC)

Artsy! (tangledfx for iphone)

A few coats of head cement:

It's also important to note that it's extremely easy to end up with a head that's way too large due to the number of ingredients .. this is where 8/0 thread and head cement come into play... a small drop in between ingredients can help keep your required number of wraps to a minimum while still making a durable fly. Another trick is to trim the tip of your bunny strip to a triangle shape where you tie it in .. this lessens bulk a lot!