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Monday, 22 July 2013

The Miramichi Classic 2013

It's been a while since my last post - been a busy summer trying to take advantage of good water and spend as much time in it as possible. This past few weeks good old Mother Nature certainly put the kibosh to things though, just in time for the MSA 2013 classic...
This year Bill and I volunteered to guide for the 3 day event which turned out to be a great time!

First things first though, we had to get to the Den for the first couple nights before we had to head north to the Oxbow. We spent a couple great nights even though we were haunted by Beetlejuice....

I'm not sure what in hell a fella has to do to get some peace and quiet but it can certainly be a downer... especially when we go there for some time with the inner circle... if you know what i'm sayin'

Anyhow, Saturday AM Bill and I headed up to the LSW to fish with Mr. Elson - seeing the steam come off the water that morning was the last time we'd see that beautiful sight for the rest of the trip.

We fished quarryville of the LSW until things started getting warm around lunchtime. No love for anyone but it was nice to be on the river with good friends. 

On Sunday AM, Bill and I headed north, we had an opportunity at a favorable tide in front of the lodge - how could a fellow turn that down? :)

The new monitoring station at the Oxbow

Debbie & Dale sure have some beautiful water at their lodge. Just the day before they hooked 5 just in front of the lodge in a very short time on a favorable tide.. would we have the same luck?!

Some pics of Oxbow's water - what an awesome spot! 

Bill runnin' his 2 hander:

We fished down through a few times until we figured the favorable tide was past - no hookups but a great morning on some beautiful water at the Oxbow!

We spent the afternoon on the deck of the new lodge with an awesome view of the LSW. It was warm! 

Paul & Bill:

Later that evening Bill and I headed to the bright lights of Miramichi for the MSA kick-off dinner & auction. I got to see Mr. Gary Tanner work his magic as auctioneer! He did a heluva job, entertained the crowd and raised some good money for the cause - great job man! 

The next morning it was guide duty ... they had me pegged for the Renous for 3 days in a sauna but I had other plans ;-) 

I'll get to the rest of the update later...