Salmon fishing & fly tying on the Miramichi...

Friday, 4 May 2012

The Young Braves are having a blast!

BB guns, sling shots, camp fires and fly rods. The boys are having a blast!

Back to the Den for some trout fishing...

Ethan, Nick, Dad and I headed to the camp this morning for some 'trout' fishing and we managed to catch a couple brookies. Nick hooked his first ever salmon but he suffered a reel malfunction and on the second jump the salmon 'spit' the hook - we'll get him after supper or in the morning, Nick!

On our last pass on our way back to camp, Dad hooked bottom - or at least what we thought was bottom but it was this pesky little 39" female!! What a beautiful fish!! She fought hard but we brought her in quite fast as we went to shore to do the deed -- we just couldn't get her to move when we were in the boat!

Here's a few pics: