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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bill Elliott Sporting Art dot com!

Please take a few minutes to check out this website by my good friend, Bill Elliott. His artwork is incredibly realistic and the subject matter is near and dear to your heart if you enjoy fly fishing =)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Phase 1 complete!

The "Den" now exists! She's mostly weather tight (minus the gable ends) and is lockable. Doug and Brad showed up Saturday AM and Doug helped Dad finish the 3 day marathon on the roof and Brad helped Joe and I on the ground finishing up odds and ends and supporting the fellas up top. It's been a long and rewarding week and everyone worked their butts off. Dad, as always, wins first second and third star of the week for making his plan come together and gettin' 'er done! His work on the roof during the last 3 days was exhausting and I know he'll be relieved to get back to work tomorrow to get a break! We have much more work to do but the first major phase has been completed on schedule! Now a few pics of our last day at work:

Friday, 3 May 2013

It's Friday!

2 more days to go on the build - at least for this chapter... We had a great day, it was challenging for everyone and I was dealing with my fear of heights to the point of being counter productive... thank goodness for Dad, I swear he's part monkey and completely fearless! We got the roof strapped (2"x4") some facia on, 3 lengths of roofing up and 4 windows installed
- to say it was a large day would be an understatement! Hopefully Brad arrives tomorrow AM to sub me off the roof and put me on the ground where I'm a million times more productive *fingers crossed*

Here's a few pics of today's progress

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Rafters up, dialed in and locked down!

Another good day on site, and another milestone, the rafters are f'n up! A lot of measuring twice and cutting once, tweaking, adjusting - it was a very slow start, but again, time well spent and the finished product speaks for itself!

We had a couple guests show up for a visit, it was great seeing you again Gary & Vince! I hope your plumbing job worked out and you get a chance to get out for a fish, Gary! And thanks for making room on the Salmon Council for a young fella like myself, Vince - those are some huge shoes that I'll never fill but I'll give it my best, I promise!

Time for some supper and a few beers ;)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Playing with lasers....

Dad wanted to try out his laser to see how everything was lining up and it made for quite a light show - fun!

Oh and a couple sun set pics to go with... Good times!

Moving right along!

We had another good day on site, lots of accomplishments and 2 milestones - all 4 walls up and the main roof beam in place! Now things will slow down as we begin doing the roof .. I figure we're going to be at least 2 full days up there. That leaves Saturday for windows and doors. She should be weather tight and lockable by the time we leave - at least that's the goal. Interior will be done in time. Brad had to head home after today for work tomorrow, he'll be back up Saturday - thanks again buddy, you were a great help! And now a few pics:

(Sorry if there are duplicate pics - tough to tell while blogging on an iPhone!)