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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Playing with lasers....

Dad wanted to try out his laser to see how everything was lining up and it made for quite a light show - fun!

Oh and a couple sun set pics to go with... Good times!

Moving right along!

We had another good day on site, lots of accomplishments and 2 milestones - all 4 walls up and the main roof beam in place! Now things will slow down as we begin doing the roof .. I figure we're going to be at least 2 full days up there. That leaves Saturday for windows and doors. She should be weather tight and lockable by the time we leave - at least that's the goal. Interior will be done in time. Brad had to head home after today for work tomorrow, he'll be back up Saturday - thanks again buddy, you were a great help! And now a few pics:

(Sorry if there are duplicate pics - tough to tell while blogging on an iPhone!)