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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Spring fly time!

I figured it's time to start tying the odd spring fly among all the bugs so I popped over to Doiron Sports Excellence to pick up some trusty 2/0 Mustad salmon irons -- for spring in NB, with high and cold water, this hook is pretty much ideal in size and design... Relatively cost effective as well. It's pretty darned nice to be able to find decent tying supplies in Saint John for a change. Marc and Co are doing a nice job stocking the store, there's more out every time I go over and it's clear they're now in the business!

And here's one I tied last night with some barred yellow rabbit strips also purchased at Doiron's. 

Come on spring! 


A bit of fly tyers humor ..

I was in a giddy mood last night at the bench while tying a few spring flies and this creature emerged ....

The ultimate fly to deal with 'short takes'! Lol! 

But on a serious note, I tie my bugs with a hackle that starts at the head and wraps back to the tail for 2 reasons... The first and most important is durability ... Putting it on this way allows for 2 full wraps of thread over the feather versus 1 or sometimes NONE with the tail to head method.. Simply put, the way I use makes a more durable fly and that can't be debated. The second reason is  because I prefer the look which is obviously subjective.. Each tyer will prefer one look over the other, I doubt either way makes a difference to the fish, just remember MY way makes a more durable fly =D 

A couple examples: