Salmon fishing & fly tying on the Miramichi...

Monday, 25 February 2013

Finishing up a few flies for the ASF dinner, etc.

I just finished up a few flies for the ASF dinner - more bugs, big surprise =P

Hopefully they fetch a decent price at auction!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ice fishing & tying a few small bugs...

I went ice fishing yesterday with Melissa, Ethan & Brad. It was a great day on the river, lots of beautiful sunshine and we even caught a few fish! I'm not sure how many more trips we're going to get in this winter so we have to make the most each trip to the river.

One annoying thing about fishing down at Renforth though -- the amount of motorized devices & vehicles running constantly ... if it's not a fleet of wheelers & sleds pulling in, revving engines, speeding dangerously it's the generator in every other shack clanging away so people can watch TV while fishing... why not just stay home if you need to watch TV that badly? Oh well, we still managed to have some fun!

I also started working on a batch of small bugs for a friend. These are the size 12's as I'm getting warmed up for tying on smaller irons. Hopefully they bring him some luck!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Getting a few flies in order for the upcoming ASF Moncton dinner...

I heard through the grapevine that my bugs kicked some ass at the NSPA auction, so I'm getting another box ready for the Moncton ASF dinner in March. Nothing like some backwards hackle to catch some fishermen! =P

If you want to attend the ASF dinner with my group get in touch with me! !

Ice Fishing on the Kennebecasis in February!

I was able to convince my beautiful daughter, Melissa, to go ice fishing yesterday.. I figured it'd be a quick couple hours and she'd want to leave but was I ever mistaken! She had a blast and I was taking the shack down around her as she continued to fish! I told her next time we'd bring a lunch and make a day out of it - she seemed honestly excited! Thanks for the great day on the ice, babe!
Love, Dad

Oh yeah, we even caught a few fish! =)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

ASF Moncton Annual Dinner & Auction 2013

Hey guys, here's the official info. from ASF. If you want to attend with us and support a great cause please let me know!  I'm posting this here for informational purposes only. To confirm your attendance just let me know and like last year i'll ask you to contact the ASF for payment directly.

Here's the link to our discussion forum on the topic:

Last year we had a great time!