Salmon fishing & fly tying on the Miramichi...

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

End of day 2 ...

We had another good day on site, 2 walls up and a third framed. We took a part of the day to do a site cleanup, get reorganized and plan the gable ends, etc. Time all well spent. We'll get the last 2 walls up tomorrow and get setup for the roof on Thursday. It's amazing how time flies when you're busy - this build is enjoyable, we're having a really good time and we've got a good rhythm going on the tools. Joe & Bill are running the 'sawmill' Dad is planning and doing layout and Brad and I are running the nailer and doing the framing. Another update sometime tomorrow!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Another good day on the job site!

We got a bunch done today, floor completely done, level and square plus 2 end walls framed. It's tough going but we're having a good time in great weather - couldn't have asked for better! Here's a few pics:

Sunday, 28 April 2013

In spite of our challenges...

We've managed to get a little building done and I even squeezed in 6 casts after seeing this lovely lady jump in front of the camp! What a great f'n day!

(And it was 6 casts... I counted!)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Been a long, slow morning.. F'n cold too!

Not many fish hooked this Am. I've had at least 6 solid pulls but having trouble hooking up. The sun is on the river now and the water is warming up and the fish are finally starting to take!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Finally made it back to the Den!

It's been a long Fall and Winter away from the Den and it's great to be back! It's a wintery, spring day with snow showers on the way up and in places you'd swear it was December.

The river looks good but low for spring - - wading is going to be a challenge with lots of ice cakes up on the banks. There is some grass and debris in the water but the clarity looks good. The road into the camp is passable with 4x4 and we made it in no problem.

Dad just had the boat out for a rip and it's working well. There will be plenty of water for trolling tomorrow, at least in our area. We drove slowly across the bridge below Doctors Island and it looks passable from what I could see anyways.

There are a few boats on the river, lets hope there are a few fish as well!

Mosquitos? Wtf?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blackville or Bust, tomorrow AM!! Spring fishing, here we come!

Just packing, and packing and packing and packing... lugging gear sucks! It'll all be worth it on Monday AM when we're swinging flies in the Miramichi river!

The water is on the rise and it'll likely be dirty and full of grass and debris... lots of taking stuff off your hook between swings but at least we'll be fishing =)

This is one pile of gear of at least six.....but this is the most important one!

A few last minute flies, I'm even going to try a simple tube smelt this time around. If I can have some success on this type of fly I plan to tie more for our next trip ... the hook on a tube fly is much smaller than the traditional spring streamer so it will be a lot more fish friendly. I'll be sure to report how it works out.

A marabou and a bunny strip... these are big flies, meant for trolling:

Just a quick post for now, stay tuned over the next few days as I'll be posting updates of our luck, good bad or otherwise =)

Tight lines and be safe!