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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Finally made it back to the Den!

It's been a long Fall and Winter away from the Den and it's great to be back! It's a wintery, spring day with snow showers on the way up and in places you'd swear it was December.

The river looks good but low for spring - - wading is going to be a challenge with lots of ice cakes up on the banks. There is some grass and debris in the water but the clarity looks good. The road into the camp is passable with 4x4 and we made it in no problem.

Dad just had the boat out for a rip and it's working well. There will be plenty of water for trolling tomorrow, at least in our area. We drove slowly across the bridge below Doctors Island and it looks passable from what I could see anyways.

There are a few boats on the river, lets hope there are a few fish as well!

Mosquitos? Wtf?