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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The 'Bogmonster' Step by Step in pictures...

Here's a quick little step by step of one method to tie a bunny strip winged fly ... unlike the usual strip wing, this one is only tied down at the head which makes for an extra animated presentation -- and it's deadly!

It's important to note that I apply small amounts of head cement after adding each ingredient which makes for a durable fly...

A good bulky underwing helps support the bunny strip and lessen the number of times the strip wraps around your hook -- there's no way to completely avoid it though.


Bunny Strip!

Peacock Herl!

Cheeks (I used ringneck pheasant as I don't have any suitably sized JC)

Artsy! (tangledfx for iphone)

A few coats of head cement:

It's also important to note that it's extremely easy to end up with a head that's way too large due to the number of ingredients .. this is where 8/0 thread and head cement come into play... a small drop in between ingredients can help keep your required number of wraps to a minimum while still making a durable fly. Another trick is to trim the tip of your bunny strip to a triangle shape where you tie it in .. this lessens bulk a lot!

The Golden Eagle 'Bogmonster' variation...

Here's the recipe for the Golden Eagle bunny strip winged fly - a.k.a. bogmonster style:

This style of fly worked very well last season plus it was nice to swing something other than typical Miramichi bucktail streamers. If we have enough water i'll be casting a 510 grain skagit head, tipped with a fast sink tip with one of these babies on the end. Throw in a nice upstream mend and this won't even make a full swing before a big pull... come on April 15th!

Peeps, anyone?

Things are gearing up! Our pals in Nova Scotia are going to be fishing on Monday (lucky buggers) but we have 2 more weeks to go here in NB. (April 15th is the opener) I've been tying a few flies in the 'bunny strip wing' style the last few day and decided to adapt one of my favorite marabou patterns which should be deadly on black salmon!

The only problem  --- I now feel like eating little pink and yellow marshmallows .... Come on April 15th!!