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Sunday, 29 April 2012

"Eco Fishery" from Land and Sea (CBC Episode)

GreyGhost posted this over on ... It's a recent episode of CBC's Land and Sea:

Eco Fishery

The show has 2 main stories, the first about a small collective of fishermen and their customers who buy a 'share' in the fishing season where the fishermen catch ground fish in a sustainable way (long line) and sell directly back to the customers skipping the middle men. This allows a higher price to the fishermen, less waste by fishing in a sustainable and 'fair' way and a superior product to the customers. Who wouldn't buy their fish in this way if given the opportunity? Would people sooner buy fish caught indiscriminately by chinese draggers to save a dollar a pound? It just doesn't make sense to support a foreign country to destroy our oceans and fish stocks when the 'old ways' are available to us -- or hopefully will be again one day before it's too late!

The 2nd part of the show focuses on a closed containment mediterranian sea bass farm in Nova Scotia producing fish in a zero impact to the environment, sustainable way. They produce a high quality product without raping and polluting our oceans like the sea lice & ISA infested, waste producing open pen salmon feedlots that surround our country. The same types of operations our governments have given a blank cheque to to run amok and destroy our coastlines... if you eat open pen farmed salmon, shame on you. Did you know our government has given the industry the green light to market ISA infected salmon for human consumption? When you buy farmed salmon do you really know what you'll be eating? All the pesticides and antibiotics used by industry -- do they magically go away before the fish goes to market? Folks, please wake up and get a clue.... Just because Costco sells it, doesn't make it right....

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