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Monday, 21 May 2012

May long weekend at the Den

Dad, Ethan, Brad and our very special friend and moose hunting guide Tom Lindsay headed up to the camp on Friday for a weekend of fishing, boating and canoeing.

Tom checking out the scenery.

Brad playing a few tunes..

Somehow a hatchet just makes things sound better!

Obligatory campfire

After a few refreshments and many laughs we headed to bed as Saturday was to be a full day of boating for Dad, Tom & Ethan and a canoe run for Brad and I.

I've been wanting to do a run down the Cains for a long time as each time i've fished it I've been awestruck by it's meandering beauty... this river truly is a jewel of New Brunswick.

Our plan was to put in at Buttermilk and fish our way down to the Den - I estimated 18km as the river flows for the run.

Our first stop for a stretch and a quick fish:

This video is a bit long, nothing really exciting happens but I was just learning how to operate Brad's GoPro... what a great rig they are! Now that I've figured out how to swicth it to HD I'll be sure to have some cool videos from the 2012 fishing season.

On down the river we go

Mouth of the Cains where it meets the Main Southwest Miramichi river.

The old home pool area

The trip summary - not bad on my estimate. I was really surprised how quickly it went - with good water like we had I wouldn't hesitate to put in much higher.

A final thought on Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracking - let's hope the market remains flooded with natural gas and keeps the price of shale gas low so it doesn't get developed!

It was a great weekend with warm temps, lots of sun and tons of bugs. The company was second to none and we all had a great time with lots of laughs. Fishing was definitely in the in between stages on the Cains and the Main Southwest but I heard good things were starting to happen in the tidal areas and on the Northwest. I even heard of a few brights being hooked. Another week or so and those rumours will be a reality, no doubt! We managed a couple trout, a bunch of fiddleheads and memories and pictures we'll have for a lifetime. I can't wait to get back up there!