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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Trip update, part 2 - Squirrel Falls Crown Reserve

After Paul and I fished the afternoon we arrived back at camp and finally heard from the rest of our party (Freddy & Jeff) who had everything possible go wrong on their way up. Flat tires, trailer hitch issues, you name it the lads had it. I'm not sure they've ever experienced relief of that level or had a can of beer that tasted so good after a day long journey from Moncton... We've all had days like that eh?

Jeff chillin' on the porch

We decided the next day to take the wheelers to explore the upper stretches. It was a fun ride but fishing wise not really worth it, although Jeff had a good pull at trash heap (Brandon, don't believe everything you read in the log). The upper stretches would fish better in higher water. The river itself is very pockety. If you decide to explore the upper stretches keep in mind it's about a solid half  hour (plus?) run by bike and you should also take your GPS. It can be a little disorienting your first time through the maze of roads and trails.

This stetch definitely requires a wheeler as the camp is nowhere near the river. If you plan to walk it each time, pack a lunch and bring lots of drinks because everywhere you go is up hill. The river is small and not really what I prefer in a salmon river... fishing it is very tight and intimate and there are few places to overhead cast ... roll casting/single spey with single handers will serve you well. Having said all that it is absolutely beautiful and everywhere you look is a kodak moment. It's tough to decide what to take a picture of.

Jeff at Bridge Pool

Random beauty:

Freddy at Long Falls pool (one of the better and closest pools)

Jeff at Long Falls Pool:

Paul at Long Falls Pool (Revenge!):

(this picture was posted to instagram and twitter last week @nbsalmon1)

Me at Long Falls Pool:

(this picture was posted to instagram and twitter last week @nbsalmon1)

My favorite pool was McNaughton (sp?) I managed a small but beautifully bright salmon in this pool that has turned out to be one of my most memorable fish -- I was by myself when I hooked it (8-10lbs?) and this fish took me around that little pool 5 times with as many feisty and spirited jumps - what a scrap! Sadly, fighting and tailing this fish were all I could handle and when I tried for my camera I lost my grip and I got splashed in the face --  I won't soon forget that fish or the fight!

This picture was taken minutes before hooking that fish:

(this picture was posted to instagram and twitter last week @nbsalmon1)

And a bit better version: (see that big white submerged rock? *wink*)

Altogether we managed 7 fish (plus a bunch of trout) between us with very few fish pictures as we fished solo much of the time due to the size of the pools. Would I go back to Squirrel Falls? Well, with more water and fish - most definitely. Our foursome was a good bunch of fellas and I'd definitely go fishing with anyone of them anytime. Freddy and Jeff, it was a hoot! And Mr. Elson, well it's always a pleasure bud!

Oh and one major post script -- Freddy lost a brand new Hardy angel reel while driving back from the upper stretches. He is offering a $100.00 reward for its return. I don't have his number but if you come across it please get in touch with me here and I'll track him down.