Salmon fishing & fly tying on the Miramichi...

Sunday, 2 June 2013

A video of spring fishing at the Den..

It's been a while since Bill recorded this video, actually it was back on April 16th. He did a great job of catching most of the action of this feisty spring salmon - I think it jumped 7 times or so? Anyways, this represents my first attempt at video editing... I learned a lot, especially about copyright issues! I ended up using 2 songs, one by Pennywise and the other by Radiohead. There was a copyright dispute registered against this video and I wanted that to settle before making the video widely available. As a result, it may not be view-able from everywhere or the audio might be muted or there might be some advertising to put up with   . This was filmed in front of the camp, about 3 minutes walk up river - we're pretty lucky to have a place to be able to fish for spring salmon from shore instead of the norm which is from a boat while trolling. 13 - 15 foot spey rods, skagit lines and sink tips absolutely rock for this kind of fishing, in fact single handers have no place here unless you're out in a boat!

Anyways, here it is, hope you like it and if you care to, please fire me off some feedback!

Oh yeah, it might be better to click "watch on youtube" and then choose 1080p