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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mr. Stephen Nye...

I recently became acquainted with a Saint John river salmon fisherman (well, he used to fish there) and fly tyer named Stephen Nye. He found me through after signing up in the last few months. I have to tell you, he ties a hell of a fly and a few of his classic ties can be found over on the fly tying section here:

Stephen believes in paying forward some of the good things that happened to him in his tying and fishing career and he recently chose me as the recipient ... to say I am blown away and humbled by this would be a huge understatement! Stephen chose to tie me 2 dozen featherwing salmon fishing flies, most of the patterns were originated by Blackville fly tyer, Ira Gruber . He placed these flies in a beautiful little flybox once owned by tyer and shop owner, Ralph Miller. Rest assured, this box will be accompanying me on my next trip to the river before being permanently displayed at the Den in high honor. Stephen also sent me 3 of the nicest bombers I've had the opportunity to lay eyes on -- these WILL get fished, and soon!

Here are a few pictures:

In the next week or 2 i'll be sending Stephen a deer hair care package with hopes some of the flies I love to fish bring him some of the same luck on the water that i've been lucky enough to experience.

Stephen, saying thanks just isn't enough - I will be sure to pay this forward as well. Thank you, my friend!