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Monday, 29 July 2013

The Miramichi Classic 2013 Part 2 .... (well, kinda....)

So I mentioned other plans for guiding in the classic, my name was pulled for the Renous for the 2.5 day duration of the event and i'll admit it's a river I don't know all that well but I did know one of the best bets for a cold water pool on it was already beyond good angling temps... So I decided on a different tributary, one with an icy cold water brook feeding into it and this particular pool was also subject to the recent 24(?) pool closure. I held off on this post because I didn't want to add any extra pressure to the fish as they are so vulnerable when stacked up in their sanctuaries. I also wanted to wait until the pools were re-opened so that anglers would be back out there keeping an eye on things... The recent torrential rains we received province wide achieved this and then some --- the fish are DEFINITELY dispersed now and a much harder target for folks with dishonorable intentions... having said all this, the tributary will remain nameless and so will the pool... anyone who has ever fished it will instantly recognize it from the pictures I was going to post and this is exactly the reason i'm not going to.... I don't believe in burning fishing holes and adding extra pressure to our fish.. suffice to say the gentlemen I took there during the classic all raised fish, all saw fish and all had a blast. One lad even had a big salmon take his dry fly but he missed his chance as he was temporarily blinded by the sun ... and not one of my guys foul hooked a fish as we used dries most of the time and one part of the pool I made it mandatory for dry flies only... that way it was up to the salmon whether it took the fly instead of having a wet fly down in their turf risking a foul hookup... we witnessed this once by a seasoned fly angler who "fished that pool for years".... I told the lads I had out at the time that was exactly the reason no wets were to be used in that part of the pool... In any case, I met some great fellas and made some new friends during the classic and i'll be glad to help out again next year!

Now a few pictures from this past weekend up on the Chi ... 2 words: BIG WATER!!

Dad, Ethan, Rene and I had a great weekend in spite of the lack of fishing - come on up anytime, Rene - it was a blast!