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Thursday, 13 February 2014

The ADG Special

Gramp was a fishermen, not a fly fisherman, rather, he preferred to chase brook trout with his spinning gear. A small flashy spinner with a worm on it was his favorite way to catch a 'feed' of trout. This is also how I started out fishing, spinning gear and digging worms. I remember trips with my Dad, Gramp and uncles always chasing brook trout with our flashy spinners.  I learned to love fishing and no matter how we caught them it was all good.
I've been puttering away at the vise tying up some spring streamers and it occurred to me that if Gramp ever got into salmon fishing he would have only had patience enough for spring fishing when the kelt bite was aggressive and almost always "on". I wanted to tie a fly in his honor that would be a good kelt fly, something that he'd tie on and leave on until it had been chewed to pieces and then ask for another. I posted a beta version online and my buddy Pete suggested it needed a couple grizzly hackles to set it off... Well I tried it and really liked the look of it so this fly, more or less, will now be known as the "Albert Douglas Gould Special". I think I can forego the usual formality of hooking a fish before naming it in this case. I'll also get back to the vise and tie a tidier version  but for now,
here's beta 2!

Daiichi 2271 size 1

Mustad 36890 size 2/0


In Memory of Albert Douglas Gould, 1931-2014.