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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Spring Salmon fishing, 2014..

We've snow shoed into the camp, got the truck stuck in the driveway and even managed to get a little bit of work done in spite of the lingering grip of winter.. And after a slow start to the season things have finally picked up. Here are a few pictures of our last few trips: A moose spotted on the 123 during one of our drives up - pic by Bill:
Stuck in the driveway:
Some necessary work:
We keep meaning to get a group photo but be damned if we can remember to get it done... something we're going to rectify this season... Here are a few pictures of the group, albeit a few of us at a time: Joe and Dad at the office:
The reason the gods invented neoprenes... HIGH, COLD, spring water..
Ed, Brad and I.. Brad had a great fire going that morning..
Brad's fire (pic by Brad)
This is going to screw up continuity and the timeline but I had to, to get a picture of Bill and Paul in:
Where Ed learned the power of the dark side a.k.a. 'Spey' casting ;) (it was good having you up, btw, Ed!)
Dad & Joe
The extent of the ice damage is amazing this year, scenes like this are on both sides of the river as far up and down as you can see.. the power of a river at ice out is simply awesome! (pics by Brad)
Before we get into fishing pictures, Brad and Bill captured some great shots of a Ruffed Grouse who was hanging around the driveway - not sure if this was the drummer or not but there was certainly one nearby: (Brad's pics)
I absolutely LOVE Brad's Grouse pics - there are a few more here on this entry from last fall (definitely worth the click)

So down to the actual fishing portion of this entry... It's been a cold spring, with lots of high water but we have to make the best of a tough conditions and keep our eye on the prize - which is great summer water! It's nice to fish during spring but there's nothing like hooking a bright salmon in June or July and this spring is really giving us what we need for good fishing conditions during those precious months.. We managed to get into a couple fish earlier in May on the trip we went up to install the stoves. That was the same 3 day trip that my friend from work, Ed, managed to get up for a day. The fishing was slow but at least he got to see what all the fuss was about.. The first couple pics I took myself as I was fishing alone further upstream:
It was nice to finally feel a solid pull.. with water as cold as it was (painful even in neoprenes) we were lucky to get into any fish from shore... even the trollers were having a tough go of things and they looked envious as they boated by while I was fighting and landing my fish :) Gotta love it! The next fish, I was fishing with the guys so they managed to get some better pictures:
I let Ed release this fish and he was impressed by the power of a fish that over-wintered in the river. Here's the video of landing this fish:

Black Salmon May 9th 2014 from Salmo Salar on Vimeo.
That was pretty much the extent of our luck for that trip. Bill and I were to head back up on the following Wednesday to hang with the Elsons at the Lizzard Lounge :) After arriving at Paul & Steph's place we heard some great news announced by the Metepenagiag First Nation - it was certainly cause for celebration! The next day Paul, Bill and I went to the Oxbow to play in the river while Steph headed to the same place to work - I have to say I'm a wee envious, Steph! A few pictures from our boating adventure on the Little Southwest:
And of course, Paul being the Fishinnut he is had to hook and land one - a nice salmon:
Nice one man! You can almost tell how impressed I was: (just kidding, of course)
The water was very very cold in the LSW (6.5C) versus the much warmer MSW (10C).. Paul had some work to do in the afternoon so Bill and I decided to head back down to the Den for the afternoon to see if the warmer water would offer better fishing.. And boy did it ever! Things started out small with a grilse but worked up to a nice semi reconditioned 38" female who took Bill and I for a walk WAAAAY down river. It was an epic fight and Bill managed to capture it on video. If Youtube would hurry up I could post it here... Anyhow, here are some stills for now:
A small salmon:
This is the big girl that took us way down river - man what a scrap!
Bill even managed to get in on the action with a nice salmon:
By the time were finished we managed to land 6 fish ... poor fellows that we were had to leave the river while things were "ON" to got back to Steph & Paul's for surf and turf - I don't know how we suffer through such conditions! Ha! Thanks again for the awesome food and hospitality guys! After such hot fishing conditions it was a no brainer as to where we would be fishing on Friday - which was our last kick at the can as the Blackville Navy and the May long weekend warriors showed up in full force making fishing from shore pretty much impossible and unbearable. We did manage to get one more fish before deciding to dedicate the rest of our trip to miller time and relaxation. Here's the last one: (thanks for loaning me the hat, Joe ;))
Such a nice hat... I wants it...
This fly was definitely the fly of the early season: One chewed and one not:
And here's our 2014 logo that you'll be seeing around ... designed by Bill and his son Matt - awesome job guys! I can't wait to get this baby on some t-shirts & hats!
Do you suppose anyone would be interested in some Wulff Den swag?

That's it for this installment - keep an eye out for the video of landing that big female - if it wasn't so big i'd put it on Vimeo but it's over 1GB and my free account only does 500mb. It should be live on youtube soon. I hope!