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Friday, 3 April 2015

Spring Recon 2015..

Dad, Joe and I headed to the Den yesterday afternoon to see how much winter was left and to be blunt, there's a shit-tonne.. I can't imagine things will be fish-able by the 15th but I guess we'll see!

We drove up through Fredericton, wanting to give the St Mary's bypass a rip and it's a good run but quite boring compared to the usual 123 route..

The mighty St. John river:

Route 8 seems to be infinite but we finally started to get back in familiar territory ... The Southwest Miramichi river at Doaktown:

A bit further down river - Blackville and Doctors Island ---and a whole lotta ice...

We finally made it to the camp, what a pile of friggin' snow AND ice... I  can't imagine how long it took to push all that snow out of the way..

Once we took care of the winter damage to our chimney we made some supper and had a few drinks. It was damned nice to be back at the camp and it was the earliest we've stayed there in spite of the over enthusiastic winter efforts by mother nature.

A few pictures of the river in front of the camp.. did I mention how many deer were around?

Here's a few pictures from the drive home this morning:
Doaktown (Southwest Miramichi)

Route 123
(Cains river)

Of all the ice covered water we saw the Cains looks the most promising... It'll be interesting to see if things are fish-able by the 15th! I'm not holding my breath, that's for sure.

I'm working on another entry that I hope to have up before the season opener called "Why I fish for Black Salmon" - Keep an eye out, it'll be up in the next week or so (hopefully!)

This episode brought to you by the good folks who know how to play a tune:

A whole lotta love ice!