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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The "boys will be boys" Miramichi tour...

Here's the 'boys escape to go fishing and be boys' weekend update with Ethan and his good buddy Nick! It all started a few weeks ago while we were up chasing kelts and Dad suggested we bring one of Ethan's pals along for a weekend of fishing. It was a great idea that we will definitely repeat in the near future! What's a trip to the Miramichi without a stop by a local flyshop for a few last minute supplies?
(Ethan's been there dozens of times, he's just thrilled to have his pal along)

This is probably the least controversial thing the boys were up to while not out fishing.

Other activities included playing with matches, lighting fires, shooting tin cans with bb guns and whittling with hatchets... let's just say the boys were havin' a time  :)

Even though the boys seemed to like the other activities more we managed to get a bit of fishing in. Dad managed to troll while running the tiller while I played the role of guide.

The boys/Dad caught a few trout and Dad managed a beautiful salmon. Nick hooked a small salmon but the acrobatics coupled with a reel malfunction broke it off. We'll get him next time Nick!

Fish on!

Miss Blackville:


Good buddies:

Billy and I managed to sneak off to the river a few times while Dad looked after the tribe

(some pretty funny dialogue here)

Billy managed to get the job done with his new spey rod - he landed 2 salmon and was on cloud 9 Saturday! Way to go brother!

A few random pics

The Den:

Nick's fly:

To sum up, the boys had a great weekend and they're still talking about it at school! They're both eager to get back up and so are we!
I hope you like the pics, gents.

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